Musing by Yohan


Wood strip curls from the gouge
of HIS manicured talon
On a blackened… Throne arm rest.
Humans on their knees
Screaming agony, symptomatic of their
Chosen disease…  Weakness HE detests.
With a deep growl,
HIS flaming eyed wolf howls
At a full moon in a blood red sky…   Anger in HIS chest.
Cloven hooves ring, demons start to sing
thunder crashes in the sky as he tears open
closed doors HIS Dragon fury…   In its nest
Mounted, crashes the empty flagon
Lashes the sleeping Dragon
Soaring in a lightless sky…   Pentacle HIS crest.
Lidless eyes scan the shores of nevermore
River Styx, apocalypse, battle field
Where all yield…   The final test
Remember battle with the mighty Mich-a-el,
Arch angel, witnessed sneering as the first born
You did strangle…    Who loves humans best?
I gave them fruit from a tree,knowledge, prophecy
You gave plagues, your own son, Cru-ci-fic-tion.
I give freedom, you enslave, you took and I gave
Says the dogma dic-ta-tion…    Surely you jest


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