Kheimn ‘Heinrich’ Ovstern:Once I was wandering, through the annoying life, that is when among clay.
Untill the hate of humanity, my selfdestruction and the degeneration of value of life took over..
Here I found and befriended my demons, here I killed the buddha on the road, here I sacrificed humanity for the pure joy of destruction, revenge, hatred and most of all laughing & sacrificed all with love.
Cries and screams, despair to enlightenment, filled with cursing and wishing.. Manifesting!!!
Voices, female energies like a mother’s protection and punishment, astral/lucid dreams and raised consciousness towards telepathy, energy stealing and mind control..
All reaches back to its roots…

I have been reincarnated; electrifying excitement, rebelious, earth dragon, staggitarius, hawk, owl, great storm of extrement waiting eager to errupt!

I remember, I know the unknown…
To fall and to rise as a God…
I find order in chaos…
I am light, born of darkness…

I am, that I am

With the serpens might! The trompets blown! For thine is the kindom, and the glory forever!

In nomine serpens, In nomine draconis,
Ave Lucifer!


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